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Moleskin & Tape

Latex Backed
From: $8.50

The only latex moleskin available on the market. Latex moleskin best used with Perma Type white latex cement and a drop or two of tear mender cement.

Extra Heavy Moleskin
From: $5.50

ANDOVER EXTRA HEAVY MOLESKIN from Andover Healthcare is replacing Medline Moleskin for use in training dog's ears. Medline acquired Curad in 2009 and changed their moleskin product to a Curad product. It is now a much lighter weight product and is also latex free, meaning the adhesive is different. We have investigated different brands of moleskin to find the best replacement to train Sheltie and Collie ears and we prefer the Andover Extra Heavy Moleskin. It is very similar to the old J&J product, which was the most popular moleskin for generations for training Sheltie and Collie ears to tip properly. We like to start using Andover Moleskin on our puppies when they are about 3 months old (we use J apanese tape prior to that). Cut your moleskin to the desired size and shape, remove the backing, place it sticky side up on a clean paper towel, then spray it with Doc Brannen's or 'paint' it Permatype Laytex Cement on the sticky side. Wait 2-3 minutes, then place the moleskin into the ear as desired.

Cramer Moleskin
From: $10.95

Cramer Moleskin is one of the thickest moleskins on the market. For best results should be used with Latex cement and a few drops of tear mender.

Japanese Tape

***** ***** ***** For K-9 Use Only ***** ***** *****

This product is easy to use. And very successful for use on fair and good ears. Also very easy for bridging the ears for a tighter ear set during the growing stage. I have found that in cold climates, the tape needs a little help. Doc Brendan's adhesive spray or Perma Type Latex cement for MAX holding power., a few drops of Tear mender included works good also, do this and you will only need to tape every 2 to 3 weeks at a time, If you do not need to brace I recommend that you don't BUT check with the breeder for their opinion, normally done on show dogs only. 1 in x 15 ft roll

Double Sided Tape
From: $15.95

This is the same product as the old Sears carpet tape used by many of you Sheltie and Collie people for years until it was discontinued a few years ago. I have the product in stock 1 inch wide x 800 inches. When Sears sold it, it was 3 inches x 25 feet. It is much easierto use now, does work better with less hair and adhesive spray.

Not a problem with puppies, but on your adults, especially Collies, cut some of the hair out of the center of the ear. Take a piece 4 inches long, fold together with the paper on the outside. Cut the folded end with a notch "?"on either side like the tip of the ear. Leave a little paper in the center in the center. Remove the paper backing off one side. Heat or spray and run tape from the tip to the ear canal. Fold the tip of the ear down onto itself and the tape in the lower part of the ear. Press and hold together for a minute or so.

Works Great!
All Items Sold On This Site Intended For K-9 Use Only!
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