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Show Tech T-Rake
Deshedding Tool

cost:  $12.49
This T-Rake boasts all the advantages of a comb. In addition, the "T" shaped handle offers the best grip possible, putting less stress on the hand, wrist, and arm. Specially designed for  double coated breeds, this rake quickly and easily removes fluffy undercoat and dead hair.



Show Tech T-Rake
Ergonomic Handle

cost:  $12.99
This T-Rake boasts all the advantages of a comb. Comfortable, ergonomic, soft grip handle fits easily in you hands and helps eliminate strain and fatigue on the hand and wrist. Specially designed for double coated breeds, this rake quickly and easily removes fluffy undercoat and dead hair.



 Show Tech Tear-Stick Stain Remover
White or Black

cost:  $11.99

Colored wax sticks, similar to cosmetic lipstick. Specially designed for covering stains and blemishes in all coat types. Especially recommended for under eye stains, it not only covers the stain but also protects the hair by forming a protective barrier around it, helping to avoid further discoloration.



Show Tech Maxi Pin Brushes
Custom-made in Germany. Available in Large Long Pin, Large Short Pin, and Pocket size



Sable Face Chalk
cost:  $7.50


NEW PRODUCT: Available in 5 shades of sable. Pick the shade to best match your dog. Or try all five shades at a reduced price. 
(Weight - 25 gram)


Beauty Sparkle Greyhound Comb

Sparkling Finish 7.5", Pins length -
Half Fine & Half Medium Coarse Tines

cost:  $44.00




Ultra-Lite 10" Greyhound Comb

Ultra-Lite Poodle Comb 10", Pins length - 1.75"

cost:  $46.00



Bitch 10" Greyhound Comb

XX Coarse 10", Pins length - 1.75"

cost:  $46.00


Millers Forge
Handled Flea Comb

cost:  $6.99
Features high quality rust resistant steel teeth and  ergonomic high strength plastic handle. The very close spacing of the flea comb teeth assures the capture and removal of fleas. Great for removing glue residue from the Japanese tape and moleskin.
Easy to hold handle.



Millers Forge
Undercoat/Shedding Rake

These shedding rakes helps remove the shedding undercoat from short and medium double coated breeds such as Shelties, Cocker Spaniels, German Shepherds, Chows, Collies, Golden Retreivers and similarly coated. Also for Persian cats. The nickel-plated teeth at two different levels penetrate the thickest of coats and remove undercoat before it sheds. Available in either single row or double row teeth.





 Lone Wolf Slip Leads
6' long slip leads
in assorted styles & colors

Available in 1/4" flat braid

3/8" round braid

1/2" round braid


1/4" Flat Braid Slip Lead - 6' length
cost:  $7.95


3/8" Round Braid Slip Lead -
  6' length  
cost:  $15.95


1/2" Round Braid Slip Lead -
  6' length  
cost:  $17.45


See color samples of these slip leads



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